The Biggest Misunderstanding Essay

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A patient is also a healthcare consumer, but a consumer is not necessarily a patient.

"People use patient and consumer interchangeably," says Jeff Margolis, chairman and CEO of Welltok, developers of a consumer-facing health optimization platform.

Engaged patients adhere to or comply with a treatment regimen given to them by healthcare professionals, while engaged consumers are accountable for their overall health status and the costs of achieving that health status, he elaborates.

Understanding these differences can help transform health IT systems and how these systems are designed to serve patients and consumers, Mr. As healthcare IT systems currently exist, there are insufficiencies in the way patients and consumers alike can utilize platforms.

"You're strategically doomed if you use them interchangeably because they're not the same." Mr.

Margolis delineates patients and consumers in one simple way: Patients, he says, receive care, while consumers make choices.There are some founders who can manage the added pressure and input of outside investors and their expectations.And there are some company cultures that thrive with new outside influences and lofty expectations.The platforms today were built for very specific purposes. Margolis says, but the clinical information and benefits information they currently offer have little practical usability for consumers because they were never designed to be consumer platforms. It's largely just the sick care picture of you." These insufficiencies hold true for member portals that health plans offer, Mr. Such member portals display benefits, deductibles, claims paid on a patient's behalf and other data points along the same lines, none of which really speak to the patient's or the consumer's health needs. Margolis adds that such systems were built as business-to-business systems, "to produce transactions that are reimbursable" and to transfer this information among business entities."If you expose data directly to a consumer out of a clinical system (which most people call patient portals) you might say they're necessary, but they're insufficient because all they can tell you is information about you crossing the lines of service of those particular provider organizations," Mr. What's more, only about 15 percent of people in the population are in a patient state at any given time, Mr. The other 85 percent of the population are in consumer mode, where other influences besides clinical data are the drivers of overall health status.It is no coincidence that much of the new money flooding into the startup world is coming from the same banks, hedge funds and financial institutions who flooded into the housing market last decade.With their capital and this dangerous narrative, we’re not unicorn hunting; rather, we’re becoming the subprime lenders of the internet economy funding digital Mc Mansions built on increasingly questionable foundations. A price that is often paid in founder morale, sacrifices in company culture and loss of control. This is why our narrative for has not been that VCs are evil or that no companies should raise money. There are some companies who can and should raise venture.Nowhere in anything we’ve written publicly or discussed privately about have we said we’re only interested in “modest, cashflow businesses”.The message this article, and all others in modern startup media, sends to founders is that unless you’re raising significant stockpiles of cash and giving up ever increasing amounts of your business to be controlled by outside investors, you’re not going big.Yes, some patients need to monitor clinical and biometric data on a daily basis, such as type 2 diabetics who monitor their glucose.That clinical data has everyday use and value, but there's no reason that data has to be stored in a clincial EHR, Mr. "Most times, you don't need a doctor or hospital-based system to do that monitoring.


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