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She has heard a voice whisper that a curse will befall her if she looks down to Camelot, and she does not know what this curse would be.

Thus, she concentrates solely on her weaving, never lifting her eyes. In the mirror, she sees “shadows of the world,” Including the highway road, which also passes through the fields, the eddies In the river, and the peasants of the town.

The Island On the Island, a woman known as the Lady of Shallot Is Imprisoned within a building made of “four gray walls and four gray towers.

Both “heavy barges” and light open oats sail along the edge of the river to Camelot.

Occasionally, she also sees a group of damsels, an abbot (church official), a young shepherd, or a page dressed in crimson.

She sometimes sights a pair of knights riding by, though she has no loyal knight of her own to court her.

” Upon seeing and hearing this knight, the Lady stops weaving her web and abandons her loom.

The web flies out from the loom, and the mirror cracks, and the Lady announces the arrival of her doom: “The curse is come upon me.

James Witcomb wrote, "The hair was modeled by a Mrs. It was draped over an easel to get the windblown effect that Hunt wanted."# In Tennyson's poem the lady is very upset because of the unrequited love she has for Sir Lancelot.

Modern critics[citation needed] consider “The Lady of Shallot” to be representative of the dilemma that faces artists, writers, medications: to create work about and celebrate the world, or to enjoy the world by simply living in it.


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