The Passionate Shepherd To His Love Critical Essay

The poem then shifts to a stanza regarding clothing, one in which I think the rhyme itself is most effective.

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Personifying a bird in this way, however, lends majesty to the overall impression of the scene.

The third stanza begins with “And I will make thee beds of roses” (Marlowe line 9) which interestingly begins to show the shepherd’s promise to cater to the nymph’s most basic of facilities in a romantic and alluring manner.

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Christopher Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" fits perfectly into the poetic genre of the period.

Marlowe mixes images of objects made from nature (beds of roses, a cap of flowers, a belt of straw with ivy buds) with images of man-made objects (gold buckles, silver dishes).

His beloved thus will receive the best of both worlds.A bed is something we all require, though a bed of roses “with a thousand fragrant posies,” (Marlowe line 10) is certainly something we do not typically return to each night.Further, a bed is something lovers typically share together.The shepherd pledges to do the impossible if only the woman will accept his request.His elaborate promises, however, are hardly feasible to fulfill as he is a poor peasant and he will never afford gems and precious stones he boasts about.Over the centuries, Marlowes little poem has enjoyed widespread popularity because it captures the joy of simple, uncomplicated love. The shepherd does not worry whether his status makes him acceptable to the girl; nor does he appear concerned about money or education. Poets of the Elizabethan age used poetry as a way to express their wit and talent.It is likely that Marlowe's poem would have been passed around among his friends long before its publication in 1599 in England, six years after the poet's death.Pastoral is derived from the Latin word pastor, meaning shepherd.suggests that the time is the sixteenth century, when madrigals were highly popular in England and elsewhere in Europe.However, the poem could be about any shepherd of any age in any country, for such is the universality of its theme.


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