Thesis About Internet Usage

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Most of them used internet in support of their study and teaching.

Majority of respondents learnt to use the internet through self-instruction and trial and error, with the help of friends and by reading books or papers.

Consumer can reach everywhere including at restaurant, coffee shop and various places more (Painter, 2001). Consumer of facebook comprises from various groups.

In the beginning, internet usages are limited to adult. They use the social site for various purposes Such as increase friends, make business, research for reference and others.

Many have replaced their daily newspapers, text and reference books with online editions.

The internet is helping the students to search the academic content more easily and efficiently than ever before.

The internet growth has created a new scientific communication system with new facilities that are competing with the traditional sources of information.

The present study investigated impact of internet use on academic performance of teachers and researcher in university setup.

Many students have replaced their text books, reference books and daily newspapers with online editions.

The internet behaviours such as data usage (upload, download) and visiting number of websites to their positive (or negative) effect on Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are analysed in this paper.


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