Thesis For To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice

Thesis For To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice-65
Mrs Dubose, a resident of Maycomb shows her racist views by making a remark about Atticus when she said to the children that their father was “no better than the niggers and trash he works for”.From saying this, Mrs Dubose is not only saying that black people should be treated like trash and not as human beings, but she is also saying, the fact that Atticus has something to do with a black person, that he is also as low as a black person.

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They were referred to as “animals” to show how low they really were.

The character development of these two families as made Harper Lee show that not only coloured people can be attacked by prejudice, you could be a different social or economic status and could be treated differently.

This quotation tells the reader that the character of Miss Maudie was trying to say that she likes and is proud of the thought that black and white people would be able to use the same things, as well as being allowed to be round one another.

Eventually, nearer to the end of the novel Jem and Scout show their maturity and open – mindedness, which is evidently shown by making some ‘anti-racist’ remarks.

The way in which Harper Lee gets her messages through to the readers is by giving examples of extreme prejudice throughout the entire novel.

Thesis For To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice

One example of prejudice that Harper Lee included in the novel did include racism towards coloured people, but it was prejudice against whole groups of people.

He does not judge anyone by their race, religion, views or anything else that makes them different.

He oes not seem to be in favour the racist attitudes in Maycomb and sees them be like a “disease”.

Prejudice, the word, can be split up into two other words for a greater understanding of what the question is actually asking, i. As well as being able to understand meanings behind the novel, Harper Lee has included prejudice so that the reader is able to understand the historical details in the book, for example; the effects of the civil war (1861-1865) upon the USA and the effects towards black people.

To pre-judge someone is to be prejudiced In the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, prejudice is portrayed to the reader in different ways in order to send across a message or an idea the author has.


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