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A qualitative study investigating the potential for collaborative relationships between clinical psychologists and self-help groups in the field of mental health, and comparing clinical psychologists' views about self-help groups with self-help group members' views about the professional care system.World views in transition: a study of the contours of world views of Christian communities in Eastern Indonesia with particular reference to the Christian Church of Luwuk-Banggai and the implications of changing and transitional world views for the life and witness of the Christian community.

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For example, third parties such as ARC, FE, Dynamic Planner, Discus and Defaqto all offer DFM and portfolio comparison tools to get adviser due diligence underway, and DFMs should engage with a range of these third parties for the benefit of advisers.

More in depth information can be gained from face-to-face meetings between adviser and DFM, which should include discussions on risk and return parameters, performance track record, platform and wrap availability, rebalancing, charges, diversification, drawdown and so on.

Sexual offending and sentencing: an investigation of the factors affecting sentencing decisions regarding perpetrators of sexual offences against children.

In particular an investigation of the impact and usefulness clinical psychology reports have in judicial decisions about sentencing sexual offenders.

Klenke, Tomas Antonius Modular Varieties and Visibility 2001 June 14376 Mann, William Russell Local Level-Raising for GLn 2001 June 14376 Pollack, Robert Jordan On the p -adic L -function of a Modular Form at Supersingular Prime 2001 June 14376 Savitt, David Lawrence Modularity of Some Potentially Barsotti-Tate Galois Representations 2001 June 14376 Vologodsky, Vadim Hodge Structure on the Fundamental Group and Its Application to p-adic Integration 2001 June 14376 Warrington, Gregory Saunders Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials, Pattern Avoidance and Singular Loci of Schubert Varieties 2001 June 14376 Williams, Samuel Rufus Mod p L -functions and Analytic Kolyvagin Systems 2001 June 14376 Arinkin, Dmitro Olexandrovich Fourier Transform for Quantized Completely Integrable Systems 2002 June 14593 De Marco, Laura Grace Holomorphic Families of Rational Maps: Dynamics, Geometry, and Potential Theory 2002 June 14593 Grushevsky, Samuel Effective Schottky Problem 2002 June 14593 Li Bine, Matvei A Localization Argument for Characters of Reductive Lie Groups 2002 June 14593 Liu, Chiu-Chu Melissa Moduli of J-Holomorphic Curves with Lagrangian Boundary Conditions 2002 June 14593 Mantovan, Elena On Certain Unitary Group Shimura Varieties 2002 June 14593 Scott, Ralph H.

III Closed Self-Dual Two-Forms on Four-Dimensional Handlebodies 2002 November 14716 Trifkovic, Mak On Mu-Invariants of Elliptic Curves over Q 2002 June 14593 Yang, Huan Hecke Algebra Action on Siegel Modular Forms 2002 June 14593 Chen, Jiun-Cheng Flops and Equivalences of Derived Categories for Threefolds with only Terminal Gorenstein Singularities 2003 June 14883 Cheng, Hsiao-Bing Li-Yau-Hamilton Estimate For the Ricci Flow 2003 June 14883 Clark, Pete L.

Evaluation of Interventions to Reduce Child Mortality From Acute Respiratory Infections in a Remote Community in North Eastern Afghanistan, and the Implications for the Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Characterization of the mechanisms behind the alternative splicing of the mutually exclusive exons 18N and 18A in the sodium channel gene SCN8A and mutually exclusive exons 5N and 5A in the soldium channel gene SCN9A.

No wonder some advisers steered well clear of these predatory DFMs and instead took on the responsibility for investment recommendations themselves, despite the obvious drawbacks of the advisory permissions model!

It’s different today But partnerships between advisers and DFMs today are very different – or at least they should be.


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