Thesis On Venture Capital Financing

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Venture capital is providing seed start up and first stage financing and also funding the expansion of companies that have already demonstrated their business potential but do not yet have access to the public securities market.I would like to thank @justvideesha, @drosskamp, @simonschmincke and @benediktherles for the discussions, and especially @alexruppervc for their feedback.This article specifically looks at early stage investing.There is some confusion as to what a “thesis-driven approach” even describes in venture investing.While Wikipedia helps us in defining the term as “a concept or idea that can be falsified by various (scientific) methods“, the application of this process may take two forms in venture. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data.9. Or vice versa pick traditional industry and research how founders having no technical background identified “blue ocean” and convinced vc guys to invest. Pick any hot hot tech industry and go deeper into it. Hi, First, I would pick a thesis that could help me in my future career, but not just receive good grades. So, if you are a future vc investor then I would recommend something around the following topics:1. How to identify it, when it is just learning to walk.2. Venture means chance or Trial hinting at speculation to try ones luck that is good or bad involving risk.The term capital denotes the resources needed to start the enterprises.


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