Thesis Related To Food And Nutrition

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The Nutrition program is an interdepartmental program, including the: Students may complete their thesis work with faculty in any one of these departments as chair or co-chair of their advisory committee.

Research activities are as diverse as the Nutrition faculty and range in level from the molecular to the whole animal.

Course selection for a plan of work is by agreement between the student and their faculty advisory committee. Jon Allen (Director of the Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science Graduate Program) or Ms. Review our guide to the nutrition graduate programs: My name is Kimberly Spence and I am originally from Clemmons, North Carolina.

I have a Bachelor’€™s degee in Human Biology, and am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. the field of lactation was attractive because it encompasses public health, human biology, psychology, economics, social norms and ethics.

At Ti FN, we believe only a holistic, systems approach can truly tackle the issues, challenging our largest system, our planet.

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Such an approach would focus on providing healthy nutrition tailored to peoples’ individual needs, based on ‘smart’ food production, within the boundaries of our one planet, yet producing sufficient nutrition to feed the global polulation.Students majoring in Nutrition are affiliated with and housed in one of the departments mentioned above.The choice of department, as well as faculty adviser, depends on the research interests of the student.Note: North Carolina State University does do not offer the Certification in Didactic Program in Dietetics for students seeking to become a Registered Dietitian.To be considered for admission, you should: A minor in another program or department is encouraged.The food industry is facing some of the biggest challenges in history.How can we supply enough healthy food to a growing population in a way that is sustainable and trusted by the consumer?We understand that it is not an easy thing to come up with a good research topic for your research work or project.We have a team that has vast experience with research and writing and therefore able to help.A Master of Science in Nutrition (thesis option) is recommended for students who are interested in gaining research experience related to any one of the numerous areas of study in nutrition.Students who receive a MS in Nutrition (thesis option) often use their training to obtain a research technical position within a company and/or as a step to obtaining a Ph D in Nutrition Science.


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