Thesis Statement And Lesson Plan

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The Little Rock Nine were denied their rights by a number of people. A lot of the times, they couldn't answer that question. They'd have to read their thesis statement as is and let us rip it to shreds. The video in this section shows how I went through the process of identifying three major points in their essay and relating it to the theme of rights and responsibilities to get to the point of writing a thesis statement.The governor, soldiers, white citizens, and schoolmates all denied them the right to an equal education. In a group discussion, they were able to get help, not only from me, but also from their peers. Essentially, I asked students what their topic was and if it was a right or a responsibility.

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Therefore, one of my body paragraphs could be about how the governor violated rights, one body paragraph could be about the soldiers, and the third paragraph could be about the other students. subject (3) claim purpose = thesis statement governor violated rights, soldiers violated rights, other students violated rights rights were violated = thesis statement I asked the students if they thought that their thesis statement would help the reader navigate their essay easily or if their thesis statement would make their reader lost. They came up with some super awesome ideas that were so awesome I got chills. Most students hadn't considered the right/responsibility component, so there were some ruffled feathers. It was much more emphatic when I could slam my hand on a desk at the bam! After each thesis statement workshop, I checked in with students and asked them to give me a thumbs up if they felt they could write the thesis on their own, thumbs sideways if they needed help, and thumbs down if they had no idea what to do.

Every student thought their readers would get lost and maybe end up up in the middle of the desert. Quite often, they realized that they needed to do additional research. The next step was to determine and then to write the whole thing as one sentence. Through the discussion, we were able to determine that scientists have responsibilities. The responsibility to not kill people with experiments, to not use something without testing, and to follow the laws of the country. At least one student in every class wrote about Native American boarding schools. Through the discussion, each student identified something like the right to speak the native language was taken away, rights to religion were taken away, and rights to live where they wanted to were taken away. I then called on students with sideways or down thumbs to work with.

If they can identify at least three solid pillars and provide evidence from research, they are approved to move on.

(I do require students to begin collecting sources during the pre-writing stage, and I encourage them to tweak their original Works Cited page as they draft and revise.) I like to give my students specific examples of strategies they can use as hooks.

I also provide examples of each and then ask them to practice, which can look many different ways. Does it impact people locally, nationally, or globally?

Thesis Statement And Lesson Plan

Here are a few ideas: Regardless of the type of hook students select, I always ask them to frame the essay in their conclusion. Even if students manage to come up with a hook they like and a sound thesis statement, they generally struggle with what to write in the middle. Two, it provides a bridge between the issue and the audience’s understanding of it. Can it be related to or a cause of any other issues in our world?I explain that the middle of the introduction is a bridge in two different ways. I allow my students to choose topics they are passionate about, but I explain that other people who will read their essay might not know anything about the topic. Are there any terms the audience might need defined? These are some of the probing questions I ask students to ponder. Not all students need it, but giving them an acronym to help them remember the basics of a paragraph can’t hurt.I ask them, “What information does your audience need to know in order to fully understand this debate? I developed the ABC acronym for writing argumentative introductions because it’s so easy to remember.Let's review--what strategies can a writer use to catch the reader's attention?Zoe said that we could use a thought-provoking question.We begin by discussing how we would write thesis statements for debates that students would understand without much research.I explain to students that in an argumentative essay, the thesis statement is also called a claim because they are arguing a specific point.One of the great things about having a student teacher is that we can break students up in to more groups to give them more focused instruction, which is what we did today. In the above picture, one student wrote about scientists. The student then had to take that and write a complete sentence. In that case, we determined that rights were violated. Throughout the process, I reminded students that they might discover that their whole essay needed to change, that they might need to rewrite whole paragraphs, or relocate sentences within the essay.One on one instruction in a group of twelve is a whole lot more than one on one help in a group of twenty-eight. That's just part of the writing process and part of being a writer.Introduce a topic clearly, previewing what is to follow; organize ideas, concepts, and information, using strategies such as definition, classification, comparison/contrast, and cause/effect; include formatting (e.g., headings), graphics (e.g., charts, tables), and multimedia when useful to aiding comprehension.We reviewed yesterday's material--how a writer can catch the reader's attention.


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