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For Max Levchin, who wanted to build a business based on his cryptography expertise, Plans A though F didn’t work, but Plan G turned out to be Pay Pal Inc.Were Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, Howard Schultz of Starbucks or Pay Pal’s Max Levchin simply lucky?First, an uncomfortable fact: The typical startup process, whether in nascent entrepreneurial ventures or in the innovation units of established businesses, is largely driven by poorly conceived business plans based on untested assumptions. Most new ventures, even those with venture capital or corporate backing, share one common characteristic: They fail.

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For Apple there were , perhaps because some of what they did was unsuccessful.

For the i Pod and the i Tunes store there were several important antilogs.

This better way is about a business model that really works: a Plan B, like those of Google Inc.

and Starbucks Corp., which grows out of the original idea, builds on it and once it’s in place, helps the business grow rapidly and prosper.

There were MP3 players like the Rio, which sported clunky user interfaces.

There were online music stores like Music Net and Pressplay, whose very limited music selection and limited rights limited their appeal to music lovers.

Consider Sony Corp.’s Walkman: It made music personal and portable back in 1979!

By 2000 Sony had sold more than 300 million Walkmen.

Or is there something rigorous and systematic about their successes that any entrepreneur can learn? Let’s let the story of Apple Inc.’s transition from a creative but struggling maker of personal computers to a consumer electronics and music phenomenon show us the way.

While the i Pod and the i Tunes store have no doubt revolutionized how people listen to and approach music — not to mention TV and movies — are they really all that new after all?


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