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The diary starts at the beginning of the school year, and Greg makes an entry every day.Here are a few lines from a couple of different diary entries: I guess Mom was pretty proud of herself for making me write in that journal last year, because now she went out and bought me another one. It is a timeline of everything that happens to him day by day, and he tells us about past events, too.

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In literature and writing, a chronology means a timeline of events or a history; for example, would give a timeline of candle-making’s history from its first appearance up until today.Even when we think we know what is going on in one scene, the scene that follows often tells us otherwise as it works backwards in time., everything the audience knows is from what they read in the diary of middle schooler Greg.Perhaps cause and effect can be broken down a little further (in regards to storylines) – for example chronology shows us the reasons behind character motives, circumstances, or helps us understand a setting (historical, present, or futuristic) and the actions or events that are relevant.Also, perhaps we can see an example where the story line is out of order and therefore confusing (until the chronology is revealed that is)?If you started your story showing him as a kid being bad at baseball, but then suddenly he is on a team hitting home runs, the audience wouldn’t understand how it happened.Instead, you should show the transition he makes over time, perhaps with a montage like this: By exhibiting how he improves and changes over time, you can show the audience just how the young player became so great.But, Lenny suffers from short term memory loss, and his memory resets every few minutes.Here is the opening scene:use of reverse chronology leaves the audience in a constant state of confusion, like Lenny himself.In author Mary Ruefle’s short piece of creative nonfiction called “My Search Amongst the Birds,” she records her thoughts over several months, creating a chronology of her experience feeding the birds at her home.Here’s a selection of the work: A flashback is when a story temporarily jumps backward to a previous moment in the past.


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