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The watch I use daily in school as I need it to tell the time but I take care not to handle it roughly or remove it from my wrist.All these three possessions bring back happy memories and they are a symbol of the love and affection of my parents and grandmother.

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This was a gift from my grandmother on my fourteenth birthday.

I love this piece of jewellery and wear it only on special occasions.

I was quite content to leave it unopened and continue playing with all my other gifts but my mom assured me that it would be worth the five seconds of effort.

Reluctantly I peeled back the two layers of wrapping paper and immediately I felt a smile crawl onto my face.

My second precious possession is a ruby-and-diamond ring.

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It is a real beauty, shaped like a flower, with red stones forming its petals and a diamond in the centre.The result is an economy based on human misery and drugs: The blacks are enslaved in order to grow cotton; the white textile workers are wage slaves; and the Chinese become slaves to opium. Against this contentious backdrop stand Walter Eastman and Gideon Chase, two young American traders.The Chinese, however, are gearing up for war against the British “barbarians” who enslave the Celestial Empire with their navy and their drugs. Formerly docile coolies threaten white men with sticks. Breaking with their company, which is planning to engage in the opium trade, they found an opposition paper, THE LIN TIN BULLETIN AND RIVER BEE, a rival to the British propaganda organ, THE CANTON MONITOR.I was 7 years old living in Ojai, California at the time and my father and I decided it would be fun to sign up for the local AYSO league.I had signed up for the spring season but had absolutely zero equipment, nor did I know what I would need;the only thing I knew about soccer was you needed to kick the ball in the goal and Dad used to play it.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.You can view samples of our professional work here.I saw a couple of friends from school and engaged in some small talk hoping to distract my body from the butterflies in my stomach.The nerves were to be expected as there is always an additional pressure with your dad as your coach, especially after everything he had accomplished in his career.It is the highway of commerce and it is a danger and a nuisance.” The commerce, in this case, as well as the danger and the nuisance, is the lucrative and illegal trade in opium.Opium, grown in India and transported via the East India Company, arrives in China to be traded for tea, which is sent to stimulate and comfort English textile workers, who produce cotton goods -- the cotton is grown by black slaves -- for India.


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