What Makes My Life Worth Living Essay

What Makes My Life Worth Living Essay-59
Today, we are rebuilding our lives on two different continents.

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Throughout our lives we do things that will shape us for our future whether that is lifestyle choices, financial choices, or choices that affect the way that we carry ourselves on a daily basis.

An unexamined life leads us through life without ever thinking about the decisions, journeys and discoveries that we had made.

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Socrates would have argued that when we do not reflect on our past we are not yearning anything from those experiences.

Memories are something that we as humans get to cherish, we have the ability to look back, reminisce and cherish previous times in our life.

The philosophy of Socrates as explained by Plato offers an important concept of what it means to life an ethical and meaningful life.

An examined life is worth living According to Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” life is all about decision-making, journeys and discoveries.

But in that moment, keeping you alive was my only priority. I had been admitted to the hospital because I couldn’t stop thinking of suicide, and you were experiencing another psychotic episode. After all, I had been hospitalized weeks before you were, and at the time you dropped in for a visit, bringing red velvet cake and promising to visit again soon—although the next time would be, it turns out, as a patient.

Words can’t describe the agonizing hours that followed and the terror that came along with facing the possibility that you were perhaps already gone. It’s a weird thing to laugh about, but that’s a monument to the absurd, dark humour that bonds us.


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