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The first edition, posthumously published, as most of Bacon's works were. This is the first volume of this work, a second volume followed in 1694.... Two volumes bound as one, Jeremy Collier was an English theatre critic, non-juror bishop and theologian. Find out more »Price: £325.00 A very scarce two volumes set of works in a handsome uniform calf binding. Complete in two volumes, volume one is dated 1716 and the second volume is dates 1717....

Find out more »Price: £235.00 Pierre Gautruche's work on ancient poets and Greek mythology, in a smart full leather binding. Find out more »Price: £99.99 A scarce and fascinating work exploring the scientific aspects within various subjects. Exploring questions within religion, astronomy, war, fortifications, and fables. Find out more »Price: £170.00The first edition of this biographical work.

Sloane Crosley Crosley’s hilarious personal essays are smart and observant and relentlessly sly.

Like a lady Sedaris, she wins you over with self-deprecating humor and indignant reactions to the weirdness of the everyday world.

, Shields argues that the “lyric essay” is contemporary culture’s premier literary form — but that such terms don’t really matter, as all of culture is in the midst of getting mixed up in a huge intellectual blender.

While we had our issues with the book, he makes some fascinating points, all worth reading in this age of mash-ups and DIY and shifting intellectual property rights.A very scarce work, with no known copies sold in the last ten years. Find out more »Price: £420.00A collection of Saint-Evremond's essays, continued by John Dryden.An early edition of this work which was first published three years earlier. Find out more »Price: £1,150.00A collection of essays by Sir Francis Bacon. The first edition of this work, and in fact the first English translation of Evremond's works. Find out more »Price: £275.00 A scarce early edition of these essays by Jeremy Collier.This is the first English translation of this work. The first edition and the first publication of this work. This work has been collated using the online copy available from...Translated by Edward Dacres, a prominent translator of Machiavelli's works. Find out more »Price: £4,500.00A fascinating seventeenth century work mostly by Sir Francis Bacon. Find out more »Price: £450.00An instructional guide to seventeenth century society. We’ve been excited about this book for a while now, so if you’ve been reading our books coverage with any regularity you probably already know we think it’s something worth picking up.Great as it is, Robinson’s collection only whet our appetites for more essays by contemporary writers, so in case it does the same for you, we’ve put together a list of contemporary essayists we think everyone should be reading right now (or, you know, whenever you finish watching )., has had everyone raving since it hit shelves in October — and with good reason.With exacting, witty prose, Sullivan tackles pop culture and history with equal ability, writing about everything from alumni to Christian rock festivals in the Ozarks to Constantine Rafinesque, a nineteenth-century genius struggling for a foothold.From the king of the contemporary essay, that’s a ringing endorsement.Not that she really needs it, however — Ozick has no less than seven essay collections to her name, alongside a host of novels and short fiction, and writes on almost every subject, though she tends to favor the Jewish American lens.


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