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Be honest, but again, turn the weakness to a strength.

Say, “In the time I have been out of the marketplace, I have better honed my skills in communication.” Emphasize that while you have been unemployed you have been far from idle, but have been keeping up with the job market or your profession in other ways.

Say that you simply were not a good fit for the company, and before you had the opportunity to excel, you were let go.

Or inform the interviewer that you didn’t fully understand your previous boss’s expectations and you both agreed that it was time to leave.

If there are no comparable jobs in your past, explain why you are interested in the position.

Among the many questions that can be asked, this is one of the most dreaded.You come off as being bitter, blaming of others, and irresponsible. Make an admission, such as, telling the interviewer that you were inexperienced in communicating with your boss about teamwork.This way you acknowledge what happened and that you learned from the experience.Say that your experiences have made you reliable and prepared to go all out in the new position.It’s almost a surprise that this question still comes up.The fundamental key here is to turn that failure into a success.Take a moment to reflect as if you weren’t expecting the question.The way that you have dealt with a difficult co-worker is emblematic of how you deal with difficult people and potentially hard-to-handle customers.Cast the problem in the best possible light by suggesting that the co-worker was dealing with a particularly bad personal situation and that you were glad to step in and help as you were able.Begin with a quote from a person you admire that sums up what you believe to be true about yourself to answer the question quickly and concisely .Encapsulate the answer into a one-minute presentation of your professional achievements.


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